Located in a historic Soho loft, this 6,000 square-foot residence combines the luxurious volume of an art gallery with refined materials and detailing, providing elegance and simplicity to complement the lives and art collection of a writer/performer and finance executive.

The design takes its cue from existing features of the space: 16 foot ceilings, 37 foot width, 10 cast iron Corinthian columns, and oversized windows. The plan maintains views towards Broadway, maximizes the transference of light from front to back, and enables the insertion of a mezzanine. The apartment is organized around the row of columns that run the length of the loft providing a formal procession of scale and materials and a personal procession of public to private spaces. A translucent wall partially conceals the mezzanine which includes a guest suite and entertaining areas that overlook the central corridor. A theme of complement and contrast carries throughout the apartment, as a palette of natural and industrial materials and textures varies between reflectivity and translucence, pattern and solid.