GREEN RESIDENCE - AUSTIN, TX / Associate-in-charge at Gluckman Mayner Architects

Perched on the edge of a limestone bluff, this serene three-story 5,500-square-foot home was designed as a peaceful retreat for a young, retired father of three. A koi pond at the front and lap pool at the back of the house ensure that water is visible from any of the interior spaces.   Limestone walls define the entry, provide seclusion from the neighbors and establish the public and private zones of the interior. Fixed and movable slats provide sun protection.

Public and private spaces are organized to either side of the entry hall with the master bedroom suite forming a private second floor.  The house is open and informal with an openness enhanced with abundant natural light. Large sliding doors extend the living spaces to the outdoors. The dining room, projects into the landscape at the end of the Entry.  

The core palette of materials- cleft limestone, natural woods, blackened steel, glass, stucco and concrete- was selected to create a relaxed but sophisticated atmosphere and giving the house a feeling of lightness.