The full renovation of Marlborough Chelsea Gallery's Chelsea Arts Tower space establishes a new venue separate from, and independent of, the gallery's high-rise building. A separate private entry to the gallery from 25th Street, a new interior connecting stair, and an expansive new skylight come together to create a series of museum-scale viewing spaces unique within the Chelsea gallery district. The gallery's new entrance features a translucent glass facade that creates a sense of privacy and focus within the space. Inside, a new steel circulation stair connects the gallery's two floors. Its spare-but-strong presence unifies what were previously perceived as separate public and private realms.

The 60-foot skylight runs the full width of the rear of the space, introducing a wash of light into main and viewing galleries. Flush with the pavers of the sculpture terrace, the construction of the skylight maximizes the gallery's outdoor space. To supplement the gallery's abundant natural light, a hybrid lighting system allows for the use of both traditional track lighting and the fluorescent tubes often desired by the gallery's contemporary artists.