Fundamental to design at Rexrode Chirigos Architects is the goal of improving one’s basic sense of space and location for people that inhabit or visit the work.

Rexrode Chirigos Architects creates projects that provide for ready perception of interior and exterior space, clear circulation and elegant proportions by focusing the program and emphasizing the elemental form of a site or an existing structure. The aim is to create spaces that not only reveal the use and individual character of each project but to connect the occupants with the project’s extents and surrounding environment.

Central to achieving these goals is awareness and sensitivity to lighting.  All projects attempt to maximize the introduction of natural light.  Complementing this is the ability to design artificial illumination benefiting from exposure to working with lighting designers during the design of libraries, art galleries, theaters, museums and residences.

Clean, spare and simple detailing complete projects that stand alone or complement the character of a space in an existing building.